Do you want to know the secret of highly profitable letting and management for your business? Easy. It’s as simple as R&R
05 September 2016

R&R or Rushbrook & Rathbone as we’re also known, can help you increase your profit on lettings and management for your business.

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing lettings business, or introduce lettings for the first time, we can help you. As a property management company, we have been managing properties and people in the UK for nearly 20 years. As members of ARLA, NALS, Safe Agent, Property Ombudsman and the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, we have an enviable reputation for service excellence in our industry.

How happy are your landlords and tenants?
Let’s be honest, one of the joys of letting and management is finding new tenants for landlords – getting them to sign up – enjoying the commission. But how do your tenants and landlords fare in the long term? Once they’ve signed on the dotted line – are they still happy six months, or even several years later?

With the latest news and attention surrounding the services offer to tenants, property management experts Rushbrook & Rathbone believe there has never been a better time to try and get your lettings and management in order. However, in order to keep lettings business profitable, you need to look after your landlords and tenants long term.

Charles Stoten of Rushbrook & Rathbone believes the importance of successful relationships between tenants and landlords should not be under-estimated. These relationships are key to long-term success in lettings.

“R&R has been built on over twenty five years of successful long term relationships between landlords and tenants. Although looking after people and property is not always as simple as it sounds. There’s a lot of detailed administration to be done and legislation to be complied with. And we all know how demanding landlords and tenants can be.

For many letting companies, one increasingly popular solution is to ‘outsource’ their property management to a specialist company such as Rushbrook & Rathbone. It makes so much sense. Why invest valuable resources when you could team up with a dedicated property management company with all this already in place?

The way it works is simple. The letting agent finds the properties and earns commissions allowing Rushbrook & Rathbone to look after the landlord and tenant and attend to all associated administration. Different companies obviously have different needs and Rushbrook & Rathbone can tailor a package of services to suit individual business requirements.

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