Why Companies or Private Clients and High Nett Worth Individuals should opt to have their investment portfolios managed centrally.
05 September 2016

As a Company or a private individual with two or more investment properties it now makes more sense than ever to have those properties managed centrally by one supplier with access to the whole market.

As a landlord or company in charge of a property portfolio with varying needs and in varying locations, your options are to source suppliers in separate locations (plus managing the performance of those multiple suppliers, receiving management information in different styles from multiple sources), or selecting a large company restricting you to only one marketing agent in any one location.

There is a better option! Manage your properties centrally with Rushbrook & Rathbone. This helps you secure better returns on your investments, greater profitability across your portfolio and far less personal effort and worry.

Rushbrook and Rathbone’s Private Client team offers a wide range of property-related services backed up by unmatched levels of property management expertise, developed over almost 30 years of working successfully for its clients. Services provided include Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Property Acquisitions, Rental Property Management, Investment Support, Senior Relocation, Property Disposals and Property Concierge.

If you are an individual or corporate company looking for personal property support based on our many years of experience and expertise, a reputation for excellence in this field and total discretion, do contact our Private Client Department through sales@rushbrookrathbone.co.uk.

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