Management for Est. Blocks

At R&R, we believe that successful, pro-active, block management services are built upon sound foundations: mutual respect, trust, experience and professionalism – creating a forum where the day to day practicalities are efficiently dealt with and future options can be freely discussed and agreed.

We actively encourage Lessees to be involved in the decision making for their block of flats. Whether a management company or residents association is in place, we believe in working in partnership.

Our comprehensive service incorporates all aspects of block administration: setting budgets, collecting service charges, keeping accounts, managing the day to day running of the block and the preparation of medium and long term maintenance programs.

Our aim is to ensure that, by setting appropriate service charge levels, reserve and sinking funds, there will be no nasty surprises - allowing owners to control their own finances without unforseen demands for additional monies needed to carry out unplanned maintenance work.

If a bulb breaks in the communal areas, we’ll change it. If the roof leaks we’ll fix it. If anything untoward happens, we’ll deal with it.

R&R advocates the traditional values that underpin good service and always endeavours to be ahead of any problems. We will always try to resolve issues before they have a chance to escalate.

One point of contact is all you will need to keep everything running smoothly. And we promise to keep everyone informed, through regular and easy-to-understand communications.


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