July 2018 Not a cloud in sight

Not a Cloud in sight

Nothing but blue skies on the horizon although I now have a cloud of my own apparently. Yes, all my pictures and videos are automatically stored in my personal cloud. No, its not Apple’s iCloud, Amazon or Google or any of the big companies who offer; “in the sky storage” My cloud is a black box, about half the size of a Cornflakes packet, and it lives amongst the extension leads and other stuff under my desk at home.

This new piece of equipment is in fact a hard drive like the one in my PC but with the addition of a bit of circuitry and software it sends and receives data to and from my home Network and Broadband connection. This is ‘my cloud’ (But this now can call itself a cloud.)

What’s pleasing is that I can access my personal cloud via the icon on my phone, pc even a smart TV from anywhere in the world where I can connect to Broadband.

Light years ago I recall the appearance of Aretha Franklin’s record Respect in my local record store. I immediately purchased a 45rpm copy and took it, on my bicycle, to a friend’s house, several miles away. Upon arrival the record was popped onto a record player and played at full volume, great stuff. The process of parting with money to buy the record and actually playing it probably took around 50 minutes or so and the whole experience involved anticipation, expectation, exercise and fresh air:-

  • Has the record shop sold out? As so often happened when a record was first released.
  • Parting with real cash (coins of the realm) in exchange for a record complete with a decorative sleeve and handed to me in a small carrier bag. (I swing the bag on my finger all the way back to where I parked my bike)
  • Will my friend like the recording or tell me I’ve wasted my money?
  • Will his mother tell us to ‘turn that rubbish off’ before we have listened to both sides at least twice?

Not so today when access to the latest recording of our favourite artist is instant and simultaneous. No need now for emotion, hard cash, a bike or more importantly, a friend.

Still not a cloud in sight, well almost, the UK is having a glorious summer. We’ve been anticipating it for some years and it’s finally arrived, the weather presenter informs us we have not seen the likes of it since 1976.

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