Going on Holiday? 10 Reminders

1. Pets: Make arrangements for the care of your pets, whether with a friend or family member, or local animal boarding home.

2. Plants: Water your plants before leaving, and if some of them require extra care, ask your neighbour to pop in every three or four days to keep an eye on them.

3. Fridge: You won't want to return home to stale food and unpleasant odours so make sure all perishable food is thrown out prior to your departure. Put out your rubbish for collection.

4. Heating and electrical appliances: If your heating system is on a timer, you can turn it off to save money while you are away. (Don't do this if you are going away in the winter). Unplug all electrical appliances.

5. Birthday & anniversary cards: Write and stamp your cards in advance and ask a friend to post them on the appropriate day.

6. Medication: If you are on medication of any type, take sufficient supplies for the duration of your holiday.

7. Call your bank: Let them know you're off on holiday and that you'll be using you cards in whichever country you are visiting. This will avoid any embarrassing moments when trying to make a purchase only to find that your bank's high level security system has blocked your card.

8. Secure your home: Double check that all windows, doors, and gates are securely locked. Cancel all deliveries such as newspapers, and tell your neighbours when you are leaving, and ask them to keep an eye on your home.

9. Keep it fresh: Use scented disinfectants in toilets and down sinks to avoid coming home to unpleasant drains odour.

10. Paperwork for holiday and passports if going abroad.

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