October 2018

Whitwell Steam Fair a collection of steam powered engines of all types and sizes some pull things some flatten things some turn things and even a small one that drives a generator to charge a 12 volt car battery. All above burning fossil fuels as does most of todays massed produced vehicles.

So why did the steam engine not progress, every conceivable device has been developed and added to the engine in my car to make it more efficient and along with brakes suspension and steering all these and more for the comfort of me and the passengers, true we are about to change the engine for a battery powered electric motor, but the look and results will be approximately the same

None of this however, happened to the steam driven vehicles or engines. Whitewell steam fair was as if we were faced by past times suspended by the enthusiasts that have loved and maintained these brilliantly designed and superbly built now redundant memorials to the great idea of steam.

Not quite the full story, the light I can see by and everything we plug into electrical sockets is connected to the national grid which is connected to a Power station that produces the electricity by a rather large generator rotated by an engine powered by …Steam. So, the fact is that the battery powered car that needs charging is it really powered by...Steam.

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