November 2018 Fireworks vs Halloween

Halloween and then within a week its firework night or Guy Fawkes as we used to call it, what happened to him. It would appear that the Halloween preparation is maybe a little more flexible than the Guy made from old trousers, and any other garments you could drag out of the rag bag, promptly stuffed with old newspapers a piece of plain cardboard cut into an oval shape, eyes, nose, and a mouth drawn on and a length of string threaded through small holes each side and Guy now has a face. Put him in a trolley made from old pram wheels and away you go.  Penny for the Guy sir.

Halloween apparently can be anything....scary. And part of this is trick or treat so this is what happens. An apparition appears usually in the form of someone made up with black eyes and false blood and a scary costume at your front door and saying trick or treat, and you give them some treats usually in the form of sweets. Having first feigned horror and fright. Especially if they are children which confirms their efforts have had the right reaction . As said Halloween appears to be quite flexible, a knock on the door this year revealed, on opening, one scarily made up little girl and her younger brother, him being in a cardboard box with his legs sticking out of the bottom and wheels painted on the sides. He’s a scary tractor she announced and then in a well practice unison Trick or Treat.

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