December 2018 Its Here

The season of Joy and Goodwill has arrived – along with the usual comment ‘it starts earlier every year’ Not often heard from anyone under the age of 23 because, as the song goes, they ‘wish it could be Christmas every day-ahahay’ Was that Wizard or Slade?

In our house the cat is not overly keen on Christmas, or any occasion when the appearance of suitcases means a trip to the ‘Cosy Cats Hotel’ is imminent. Somehow she seems to know when a special event is about to happen and makes herself extremely unavailable, sharpens her claws and adopts the ‘don’t attempt to disrupt my daily routine’ look. This year, because we are away for the festivities, it will be my job to disrupt her daily routine: pet carrier plus Band-Aids at the ready and off we will go to Cosy Cats wearing with this year’s scars.

Luckily for the cat, and me, going away for Christmas is just for this year, it’s not the norm. The norm is all that all the family come to us, its bedlam and great fun. This year building works at our house have overrun and so we’re all off to my eldest daughter’s home in West Country where plans for our family’s Boxing Day show, a version of Britain’s Got Talent, are well underway. While the cat snooze’s the holiday away in her luxury hotel room (complete with underfloor heating) our family will be enjoying a big happy get together and we love it!

Being together as a family is what it’s all about, ‘it’ being Christmas. We are very lucky and privileged. We may not be over religious, but we do appreciate what we have and enjoy every minute, including the cold turkey, chips and pickled walnuts Boxing Day! Now you know what is about to come next, although millions of people will enjoy the gathering of family, friends, fun and feasting over the seasonal holiday, there are far too many that won’t experience the warmth of a loving and happy family celebration.

What can we do? There are many great charities providing help and support for people in need and one that seems to hit the spot at this time of year is Crisis who with the help of people like you and me, share the Christmas holiday with those who may not otherwise have anything but the same as they had the day before.

This is what they do:

  • A warm welcome and good company
  • Three nutritious, hot meals daily, including a delicious Christmas dinner
  • A bed for the night, if needed
  • A chance to shower, freshen up and get clean clothes
  • A health check and treatment from a doctor, optician and dentist
  • Expert help with mental health and addiction problems
  • Advice on housing, employment and benefits
  • A way out of homelessness for good through Crisis’ year-round training, education and support.

If you choose to support this charity you can click here for the Link to Crisis


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