Marketing your property in a post-COVID world
04 June 2020

As more businesses are coming out of lockdown, and more people start to look at moving house again, the Housing Sector is seeing a boom. Whether or not this boom stays for the long or short term is a matter for debate, but we do know that COVID is here to stay for some time and, in light of this, there are some changes happening to what people are looking for in a new home.


According to a recent survey reported by the BBC, 49% of renters have changed their priorities for searching for new properties, and it’s even more changed for buyers.

So, what is it that renters and buyers are now looking for?


Extra Space

With the recommendation for more people to work from home; new movers and buyers are now prioritising this, at the expense of their commute. Remote working is now becoming more common in this “new normal” so renters and buyers are asking themselves “why worry about my commute when I don’t have to?”, this leads them to want more space at replica Rolex home for a home office, or convertible space even if they have to move further away to achieve this.


Extra bedrooms or extra reception rooms to double up as office space


Post-COVID Property Marketing:

Emphasise the convertibility of space. Can your dining room double up as an office? Consider styling the room so it’s clear for viewers online or in person. More than one bedroom? Turn the smallest into an office making it clear that it can double up as a bedroom – office space is now more popular. There are lots of great furniture pieces which can double up as office-cum-something-else space, take a look at Pinterest or other great inspiration sources to shake up your ideas. Presenting how to covert the space can help viewers to see themselves living there.  



People have to spend more time at home now due to COVID and social distancing, so garden space is more important than ever. They want to know they can relax outside, host people (without putting their home-space at risk of spreading COVID) and enjoy outside time privately without sharing it with other people.


Garden space for relaxing, hosting and privacy


Post-COVID Property Marketing:

Do you have a garden with your property? Is it grass or patio based? Think about how you can style the space for photos to really showcase how you would use it as a resident. Easy wins are putting a BBQ in the background and some furniture out. If you don’t have any lawn areas, make sure you put some pots with great plants out to make it as appealing as possible. For those without gardens, showcase the ways that residents could access open spaces – whether that’s a balcony, shared garden area,replica watches easy access to fields or local parks.  


Overall, you need to consider what it’s like to live in our “new normal”, following the impact of COVID, when thinking about how you're marketing your property. Our team can help you prep and plan but you know your property better than anyone, so take a moment, think about what people now want and make effective marketing choices.

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