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Over 30 years, Rushbrook & Rathbone has built an enviable reputation for providing outsourced property management services, lettings support – and solutions - to private, corporate and agency clients; for individual properties to large blocks or mixed portfolios.

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Ditch deposits - 43% of tenants want a no-deposit alternative

A New Study Shows That 43 Per Cent Of Tenants Want The System Of Private Rental Deposits To Be Dropped And Replaced With Insurance-based Alternatives.

18 September 2018 Continue Reading

Protecting your property

It Can Be Tough Being A Landlord, Especially If Your Tenant Suddenly Stops Paying Their Rent Or Causes Significant Damage To Your Property. That’s Why Our Unique Proposition Provides Unrivalled Protection Against The Risks Associated With Renting Property. Rent Protection Legal Expenses Tenant Dam...

16 August 2018 Continue Reading

Which Deposit “the broken deposit system.”

Just Under A Third Of People Moving From One Privately Rented Property To Another In The Past Two Years Had To Pay A New Deposit Before Their Old One Was Returned, According To A Research Exercise By Consumer Group Which?

13 August 2018 Continue Reading

Mandatory electrical checks for all private rental homes

Five Year Mandatory Electrical Checks For All Private Rental Homes

20 July 2018 Continue Reading


Summer Solstice The Term Solstice Derives From Latin Word “sol” Meaning “sun” And “sistere” Which Means “to Make Stand, ” According Dictionary.com

25 June 2018 Continue Reading

Pet Subject

A Trade Body Is Advising Landlords And Agents Acting On Their Behalf To Take Precautions To Protect Their Investments If They Agree That Tenants Can Keep Pets.

11 June 2018 Continue Reading

Hoe Hoe Hoe

An Adjudicator With The Tenancy Deposit Scheme Has Given Advice On How To Avoid Disputes Over Gardening This Summer

04 June 2018 Continue Reading

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