Holiday styling for the modern family
01 December 2020

Advent has begun, Christmas is around the corner, Hannukah is on the imminent horizon and then there’s New Year’s Eve in just a few weeks – the holiday season is really in full swing.  If you’re anything like us, you love the festive season and, even with limits being placed on our party season this year, you’re already styling, decorating and enjoying the holiday countdown.  In the spirit of all things festive, we thought we’d take a look at our favourite holiday styling tips for modern families:


  • Keep it eco-friendly

Reuse and recycle – right?  Absolutely!  You can create amazing and beautiful, homemade festive décor with a little creativity and some imagination.  Here’s some great ideas to get you started:

  • Wrapping paper stars:  Make beautiful reusable decorations for your Christmas tree out of this year’s leftover wrapping paper scraps.  Don’t throw away those little snippets from that oddly shaped present you’re wrapping – instead, turn them into origami stars.  You can make them as big or as small as you like with this tutorial:
  • Twig Christmas trees:  If you’ve got leftover holiday ribbons, you can create beautiful decorations with just some twigs from outside and a pair of scissors.  Simply tie small pieces of ribbon in increasing lengths along the length of a small twig to create a “Christmas tree” shape.  Easy and elegant!
  • Pinecone decorating:  Get the kids involved with this one for a great holiday activity.  On your next walk, get the kids to gather some pinecones and spindly twigs – let them dry by a radiator if they’re a bit damp.  Then, get some glue and some glitter or some paint to dip in,replica watches uk and get decorating.  If you want a quick fix, simply spray the pinecones gold to add a festive touch.  Our favourite decadent decoration?  Pinecones with gold leaf – gorgeous.  Lay directly on your Christmas tree or create a hanging decoration for a fabulous festive window dressing. 

Not sure you want to be creative?  Rather than buying a plastic wreath, why not order a reusable dried flower wreath instead.  It lasts as long, looks more elegant and doesn’t require plastic.  Win!  


  • Go for gold. 

Keep it simple and on trend with metallics and warm rose tones like oranges, pinks and creams.  No more need of red and green, this year’s hottest trend has to be Rose Gold – so go all in with a gorgeous festive modern styling choice. 

For a fun styling activity with the family, you can create a modern and stylish holiday wall decoration with just 5 branches, some wire and some fairylights.  Simply grab 5 branches, roughly 1 ft long and lay in the shape of a pentagram star, so the ends of each branch overlap slightly at the points.  Using some flexible wire, at each point of the star, where the branches overlap, wire the branches together to secure them.  Now you have your star, just add some fairy lights – battery or plug in – and hang on your wall for a festive decoration you can use every year. 


  • Paper, paper, everywhere

Keeping on the eco-friendly theme – whether you make your own or not – there are so many gorgeous paper-based decorations you can use for your home.  Think paper snowflakes, paper garlands and wrapped brown paper parcels under the tree.  Mix up your paper décor in brown and white, with festive greenery for a luxe look, on a budget. 


  •  Christmas by Candlelight

Don’t mix this with the décor idea above, but candles make for a fabulous and quick holiday styling choice.  Mix up tall and small candles and, when you’re feeling in a festive mood, light them for a gorgeous candlelight glow.  Mix in some delicious smells from fragrant candles in gingerbread, pine tree, woodfire or chocolate, and you’re in for a sensory treat for all the family.  Just make sure you put out the candles before bed!


  •    Twinkle, Twinkle

We all know the story of the star at Christmas, but whether you celebrate Christmas or just enjoy the festive holiday break, fairylights are a great modern styling go-to, to enjoy the long evenings and set a calming mood for all the family.  On your mantle, draped down the stairs, gathered in a bowl for a basking glow, or adorning your doorway – Fairylights are an easy, inexpensive and effective way to decorate your home for Hannukah, Christmas or simply to create a welcoming festive home. 


Our team at R&R wish you all a very happy holiday, whatever you’re celebrating this year.

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