How to make the most of the Renting Boom


In a report from 2015, PWC predict that, as housing prices continue to increase and social housing supply constraints increase over time, the renting sector will also increase by 1.8 million households by 2025. So, how can you make the most of this renting boom?

1.  Get an additional property to lease out.

The average price of a UK property was stated at the start of 2019 at around £231k, and with the average rent at £959 per month in rent, this is a strong investment opportunity. Add in the fact that housing prices are predicted to increase to an average of £360k nationwide, by 2020, and that investment opportunity gets even more appealing.

2.  Find a team to help you manage your property/proterties.

Rushbrook and Rathbone are experts in making your property portfolio work harder for you, a relaxed and easy-to-manage process. Take the stress away from managing multiple properties and find your calm, knowing everything is taken care of.



3.  Insurance, Insurance, Insurance.

Worried that you might be left with filled properties and no rent? Take care of that with our Property Protect insurance. Offering up to £8,000 per month in unpaid rent whilst your tenant still lives in the property and covers you for up to 2 months if any repairs are needed once they move out – ensuring your investment stays an investment.



4.  Move in, no deposit.

Renters today are looking for the best deals they can get, so our Property Protect service also includes a “No Deposit” protection – allowing you to offer your property without a deposit to the renters for quicker lettings and less vacancies.

Want to find out more about our Property Protect or Property Management services? Get in touch here.  


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