Local Lockdown - what could that mean for your tenants?

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has just announced that stricter social distancing measures could be introduced in specific areas around the UK, in the future, to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This would be considered part of the “Track and Trace” program that is being rolled out.    



What does that mean?

To use a medical term, a “flare up” may occur in specific areas, where cases increase dramatically. In order to get this under control, stricter measures may be implemented in the short term until things settle down again, that means a local lockdown may occur.

How will this affect my tenants?

Tenants in areas where a local lockdown occurs will be subject to the restrictions imposed in that area. That may mean some are not working again and, as of this time, there is no confirmation that the furlough scheme will be available for people who are affected by a local lockdown and are unable to work. In addition, childcare options may be closed down again and some parents may be forced into working from home or not able to work, in order to look after their children.

Where are we likely to see this?

Currently, cases in the North of England have a higher prevalence per 100,000 than in the South, with the South West having the lowest number of cases per capita. Detection rates, however, based on testing, affect the “prevalence” of cases simply because they have tested more people.  


What should I do?

Get prepared. Whilst we cannot guarantee where, or when, additional lockdowns may or may not occur, you can always prep and plan based on the information you have to hand now. Starting to make arrangements allows you to know you have things in hand and that you won’t be caught by surprise later.


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