Moving House - Top Tips from the Experts - Part 2

If you've read our Part 1 then we're sure you'll be interested in finding out what Part 2 entails.


So, here we go with the last Step for your moving and our extra bonus Top Tips for moving house.


Step 4: Prep your go-bag.

Now that you have packed and labelled all your things. When you’re moving house, you need to prepare the items which you need to have access to from the first minute in your new home. Pack these things last and label them up so they are really easy to find once you have moved – and we recommend packing them in your car, so you know exactly where they are once you have moved! Our top picks are:

  • Money / Debit or Credit cards – you might need to order takeout on your first night or have some last minute requirements which are at the bottom of the big pile of boxes needing unpacking!
  • Bedding – It’s much nicer to sleep in clean and fresh sheets in your new home. Pack these up for easy access and make sure you set up your bed quickly after you move – it’s one of the first things that you’ll need at the end of a long day.
  • Kettle, tea and coffee, snacks and other drinks – if you are getting some friends to help, you’re going to want to feed and water them, and stay refreshed yourself!
  • Teddies and comforters – don’t run the risk of your kids not sleeping; get their rooms set up first and make sure they have any special toys with them, they’ll be more comfortable and sleep better in your new home – then you can get on with the rest of the unpacking!
  • Chargers, smart phones, tablets and other gadgets – keep the kids entertained, give yourself a break and make sure you have enough juice for your gadgets by packing these up for easy access.
  • Some basic food stuffs – milk, cheese, bread and cereal. It’s likely that you will need something for breakfast in the following morning before you have done a shop.
  • Any important window coverings – don’t want the world seeing into your bedroom or front room? Consider quick installation temporary blinds or make sure you have time and tools for installing your own blinds and curtains from your previous home straight away.
  • Don’t forget the quick essentials such as toiletries, toilet roll, toothbrushes, clothes and sleepwear!

  That's it for packing! But we know that's not all you need to consider for moving house, so we have added some Bonus Tips for you below:  

Our other top tips include:

  • Set up a food delivery in advance for the following day – no one wants to have to trawl the local supermarket immediately after moving house, so make it easy and get a delivery booked in. Unsure if they’ll find you? Choose “click and collect” options, at least it’s just a quick trip out instead of the long wander around the shop.
  • Ahead of time, check your new home for types of lightbulbs required and stock up with some spares. You don’t want to be in your new home without any lights!
  • If you’re hiring a van, get the insurance. It’s so important to make sure all your precious things are protected in transit, don’t scrimp on it if you can, it’s there to help and protect you.
  • Familiarise yourself with your nearest A&E, shops, dentists and other important locations around your new home, if you’re moving out of area.
  • Change your addresses for your billing and other important info, but also make sure you have forwarded your post! This is so important as you will likely forget something and it can also protect your identity from fraudulent activity. You can forward your mail with Royal Mail here.

  What are your top tips for moving house? Comment below or pop us a message on our social links! We love to hear from you.


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