Ideas For Decorating Your Rental Property

If you read our last blog post, you’ll know that COVID-19 has completely changed tenants’ priorities when it comes to what kind of property they’re looking for. Whilst renters used to be willing to put up with a shoddy paint job or worn interiors, if it meant they could be a stones throw from the nearest tube or train station, this is no longer the case. 

Having spent so much of the last year stuck in the house, people are looking to rent properties that really feel like home. Make sure your property is up to scratch, by giving your decor a bit of a refresh. 

Here’s our top tips for updating your property’s interiors, without spending too much budget.  

  1. Go neutral - but not magnolia

Obviously, opting for a neutral design when decorating your Buy-To-Let property is nothing new. You don’t want to alienate potential tenants by making a bold choice that some will love, but others will just feel like it’s not for them. 

But, when you do go neutral, you can still be stylish with it. And that means, ditching the magnolia. 

You’ll be surprised at how many tenants say that lots of magnolia walls is a deal breaker for them. Even if the rest of your property looks great, this paint job feels very dated and out of style. Instead, opt for a fresh white or pale grey colour for the walls. It will make a huge difference.   

2. Small but powerful updates

If you know some areas of your property are looking very tired or dated, that doesn’t mean you need to rip out and refurb the whole house. Some small and budget-friendly updates can make a huge difference. 

For example, is your kitchen not looking up to scratch? 

Try updating all the cupboard doors and handles for an instant, modern lift. 

Does the bathroom feel a bit dingy? 

Try swapping out the shower head and shower screen/curtain for something a little more luxury! 

Are there any corners of your house that let you down?

From that black residue that builds up in the corners of windows, to a chipped, flakey front door- see what final details can be fixed with a good scrub and lick of paint.    

3. Give your tenants freedom to decorate

Finally, give your tenants a little freedom to decorate!

Tenants who can furnish and paint a property themselves, to really put their mark on it, are more likely to stay long term. Tell them upfront you’re happy for them to paint the walls or make any small changes. If there is something they really hate about the property, like the light fixtures for instance, listen to what they’re saying and think about whether you can make that change for them. It’s not an expensive job and can save you lots of time, money and effort looking for new tenants later down the line! 


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