Landlords and Climate Change – what you can do to save our planet



We’re sure you’re aware of the short timeframe, given by scientists, to make a positive difference to climate change – and you’re probably making some changes at home yourself. But, what can you do to help your tenants do the same? How can you make your properties as environmentally friendly as possible? Here are our top suggestions for improving the “greenness” of your property/properties:  


Quick and simple.

Recycling makes a big impact on the environment – but how can you make this easier for your tenants? Simple – make sure they have the biggest bins available for recycling! It’s becoming a habit for many families now, but, sadly, many local authorities have not caught up with the amount of recyclable waste that families are now producing. So, be the hero, and make sure they have the biggest bins for recycling available to them and that they know when their recycling will be collected – super simple and really helpful, both for the environment and your tenants.


Invest in a Dishwasher.

Dishwashers are not only more hygienic, they are also more cost effective and environmentally friendly as a fully loaded dishwasher uses less water than washing the same amount of dishes by hand. Bonus – your tenants will love it too!


Plant some trees.

Clean the air around your property with a tree or two. Adding plants helps reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. Plus, they look lovely too!


Go Eco-Friendly Energy.

If you offer bills included, choose an environmentally friendly company for your gas and electric supplier. There are plenty of Green energy suppliers to choose from who provide affordable, renewable energy. Even if you don’t provide bills included, you can switch to a renewable energy supplier between tenants and you’re more likely to find that your new tenants will simply stick with what they get given. And, going green can make a difference to your wallet too.



Install energy saving everything!

Make sure the appliances in the property are energy efficient and install energy saving measures such as upgrading the boiler or insulation and adding energy saving bulbs.


There are so many more ways to help your property “Go Green”, from getting solar panels which feed into the electricity supply to ensuring that all windows and doors are draft free to save on heating bills, from ensuring all taps and shower heads are leak-proof to adding a water butt to collect rain water for the garden. You can be an Eco-hero with a few simple, and, often, relatively inexpensive measures.


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