Sustainable and chic ways to create a renter paradise

Your property has been sitting empty for a while, how do you make it a renter’s paradise with just a few quick saves? We give you the low down on chic, sustainable and inexpensive ways you can make your property a haven for your tenants.


  1. Black Out Blinds – Inexpensive blackout blinds or curtains can be found at some high street stores easily. Choose neutral or block colour fabric to avoid pattern overload and install with simple chic hanging rails. Your tenants will thank you when that awkward-to-dress window is already sorted. And, using blackout means that thermal insulation comes as standard keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. Bliss.
  2. Install LED lights – this cost-effective option comes in lots of styles allowing for that “filament-look” without the costly and non-eco-friendly side effect.
  3. Choose an energy provider they want to stick with – Now that energy providers can tell us where we get our energy from, why not choose a provider that secures sustainable energy before the tenants move in. Great for their bank balance and great for you to know that you’re helping save the planet, one tenant at a time.
  4. Be quaint, repaint – Repainting your property a clean bright white will help open up spaces and give a feeling of peace and tranquillity. You can usually find good deals in homewares stores on paint, so it needn’t break your wallet either.
  5. Rugs, furniture and upcycling – If your property is coming furnished, use chalk paint to upcycle old items which need a refresh. 9 Million tonnes of furniture are thrown away each year, most of which could be refreshed and reused easily and quickly without needing a degree in interior design. Chalk paint is a cost-effective and easy way to upcycle without too much fuss – it dries quickly and you don’t need to prime before you paint. Plus, with shabby chic, rustic and scandi interior styles still comfortably on trend, you can confidently make these changes knowing your tenants will be happy with the outcome. Rugs help keep your carpets and floorings looking fresher for longer, don’t be afraid to layer up patterned rugs over plain carpets to create a sense of space or division in the room.

  These are just some ideas of how you can make your property a renter’s paradise. Looking to start renting out a new property? Get in touch with one of our experts today so we can start to help you!


27. FEB 2020



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