Autumn and Winter – are your properties ready for the cold weather to come?

Getting Winter-ready is important when the cold weather is on the way. But what can you do to make your properties better prepared for cold, windy and wet weather coming soon? Turns out, plenty! Here are our top recommendations to help prepare your properties for the Autumn and Winter in our handy-dandy checklist…


1. Clear out your gutters. Leaves and clutter can cause leaks and flooding.
2. Keep the heating on. Heated pipes are less likely to freeze when the temperature drops
3. Check and service your boilers. Efficient boilers will ensure less likelihood of flooding from burst pipes.
4. Check your windows and doors and draft-proof them. Drafts can allow damp into the property as well as reducing the temperature in the house.
5. Check fuse boxes and electrics. All electrics, inside and outside, should be checked to ensure safety.
6. Review how secure the roof is and replace missing roof tiles, as well as checking for cracks, bubbles and pooling water on flat roofs, including sheds and garages. Damages roofs can cause damage to internals through leaks and more.
7. Arrange an oven deep clean. Clean ovens are efficient ovens and less likely to cause carbon monoxide issues.

8. Replace curtains with blackout blinds/curtains. Blackout blinds/curtains are more efficient at keeping heat in, this reduces the property’s carbon footprint.
9. Sweep chimneys. Chimneys should be clean and clear of soot making sure those harmful gases don’t enter the property.
10. Check and change all alarm batteries. Check the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are in full working order. Consider installing extra in properties with large floor plans.
11. Check insulation in attics and pipeworks. Insulation makes for better home efficiency. You can also check the pipes for any leaks.

12. Check the stop cock (water mains) for easy turning on and off. If there is a leak, the stop cock will need to be used to shut off the water – you don’t want to find out it’s not easy to turn in an emergency.
13. Remove tree branches close to roofs or powerlines. Branches that can get caught by the wind could cause damage to your property. Get a tree surgeon to help keep things in order to protect your property.
14. Check brickwork and outside areas for cracks and damage including venting. Any cracks should be filled in and venting should be clear from clogs. 
15. Fill in cracks in driveways. Water can get into cracks and expand, filling in small cracks will make potholes far less likely.


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