Welcoming new tenants - making moving day better

Moving Day. It’s one of the most difficult and stressful, but also (potentially) very exciting, days that your tenants will experience during their time with you. So, how can you – as their landlord – make their moving day as easy as possible? Let’s look at some great, easy ways you can help out when welcoming new tenants.



Before Move-In Day:

1. When they sign the contracts – give them some information about local moving companies and their prices. This is a really easy way to help out your tenants, and only takes a couple of phone calls once per year to sort out. Give your tenants a piece of paper outlining the best places to use, and what their contact details are along with an indication of the price and your tenants will love you for it!

2. Are your tenants new to the area? Why not make a recommendation, or two, of places to eat and drink nearby? This shows you know and appreciate the property’s location.

3. Do they have young kids? Point out some places that they can take their children – the nearest park, soft play areas and activity centres nearby – this is such a lovely touch, especially as the move can be even more stressful with kids in tow! These things are easy to prep but show a lot of intention of ensuring a smooth and enjoyable tenancy with you as their landlord.  


On Move-In Day:

4. Something delicious to welcome them. A bottle of something in the fridge or a delicious cake from a local supermarket would be a lovely touch and show your tenants that you welcome them. Welcoming new tenants this way doesn't take much, but it’s a great start to a new home! You could also include a small loaf of bread and some milk, as well as some basics like a couple of teabags and some instant coffee sachets – it’s not a lot but much nicer not having to fish out the teabags straight away when you want a quick cuppa.

5. Food and drink too much for you? Try a welcome card - Inviting them to their new home. This kind gesture says that you welcome them and are pleased to be working with them.

6. Some basic toiletries. Don’t be stingy, leave the toilet roll, make sure there is soap and some washing up liquid. Make their lives that little bit easier. They’ll thank you for it, by being lovely tenants!

7. Want just something simple? A bunch of flowers works wonders – they don’t need to be elaborate, but something which brightens up a room is so welcoming.

8. Local information and relevant contact information in an easy-to-find pack. You want your tenants to find information they need quickly, especially if that means not needing to both you – so give them something they can refer to. Anything from how to work the washing machine/trouble shooting, to emergency phone numbers. It’s worth it if it means your evenings and weekends stay free. If you’re working with a Property Management Service, don’t forget to include their information too – that way their team can help out when needed.

9. If suitable, and if you’ve asked permission, why not intro their new neighbours? A quick note with some names and a bit of info on it would be really helpful when moving into a new area. Something like “At number 22 live Bob and Jane. Bob is into football and Jane is into Arts and Crafts, they have 2 children called Jennifer (8) and Jack (4).” It’s not a lot of info, but it’s really helpful when you’re trying to remember everyone you meet on moving day! Welcoming new tenants to the area shouldn't just be about location and information, it's also about relationship building.  


If you struggle to find time to make your tenants’ moving days easier – why not consider working with a Property Management service like Rushbrook and Rathbone? We manage everything from tenant checks and maintaining your property, to inspections and insurance. Check out our team’s services here.


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