What does your customer journey look like?

You might think that looking after your tenants is only for the time after they sign their contract and finally move in, but we say that you should look after your clients from the start of their journey with you, all the way through to the end. That’s from starting to look for a property, through to viewings, paperwork, moving in, living at the property, moving out and receiving their returned deposit.


So, why is working on your customer journey worth it?

1. 97% of Landlords say that high tenant satisfaction is a priority for them – so why only start when your tenants actually join you. Happy clients start with a happy signup process.

2. 30% of tenants say that they are not happy with their landlord or how their property/tenancy is managed!

3. 50% of tenants think their rent is not value for money.

4. Nearly 70% of tenants know that they plan to rent for at least a year if not longer.

You can see that your customers want to be treated well, be looked after and that landlords want to do that too!


How do you make the whole journey feel part of their positive experience with you?

We recommend thinking about the steps that your customer goes through and look at what experience they have at every stage.


Start at the beginning – ask yourself these questions:

1. Where do your potential tenants find you?

2. What responses to they get from enquiries? Are they from you or a property manager? How does it sound?

3. What information do they need? What information do they get?

4. Who are your potential clients? What kind of people are they? Couples, families, solo renters? How does that change their experience?




Then, once you have your potential tenants visiting, how does this experience go for them?

1. When do they want to look at your property?

2. What questions do they ask? What do they want to know about?

3. When do they want to move in? Immediately? Or do they have notice?

4. What questions do you need to ask?



Now that you have found someone looking to secure your property, how is this experience for them?

1. What deposit do they require?

2. How long does the process take? What checks do you need? Can you make that process smoother?

3. What’s their check-in process? What does their move-in day look like?



Keep asking yourself these kind of questions through the whole journey – from decorating their new home, to issues arising, to choosing to move on. Then, once you have answered these questions, look at the ways you can make that process, those moments, easier and more enjoyable.

Managing the customer journey is all about putting yourself in the shoes of the client – being empathetic to their needs, wants and desires for their experience. Once you know what they want, you will have a better understanding of who they are. This, in turn, will make you sell more effectively, deal with issues more successfully, close business more successfully and make your life easier in the long term.

Not sure how to make your customer journey better? Get in touch with a member of our expert team who can tell you about how we can help.


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